Episode #027: "Environment of Entropy" - Annihilation

WHAT YEAR IS IT!? Insert meme

Hello everyone! Welcome back for yet another year, yet another episode. This one has been A LONG time in the making. We' are back from a little hiatus. We talk about our break in this episode, but this was purely a professional break - we all had life happen. Rest assured, we LOVE doing this podcast. It' is just ridiculousness and pure fun to us so we were destined to come back to it.

In this return episode, Neil insisted to Steve we take a look at Annhilation, the new Netflix/Natalie Portman film that released in 2018. Both originally walked into the movie with NO information (this being the second time for Neil) and knew it’d be a great film to restart our old conversation off of. Forgive us as we shake off the rust and the terrible grammatical habits we have reformed over the break - we will be more efficient going forward!

Enjoy. :)