Episode #024: "Ducker vs. Tale" - Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Suicide Squad

The classic crew returns to talk about Horror Comedies once again! Our quest to watch horror comedies did stem from the topics of discussions we had in the Ghostbusters episode. We also found out it is a favorite genre for both Logan and Brett so it became quite obvious we needed to hit a few more items on that list. Starting with Tucker and Dale it was a wildly fun movie and it made for a great session. Was it the first time for me? Obviously yes, I once again am the worst Film Geek of all time.

And at the tail end of this episode we had to revists the DC universe once more - Suicide Squad came out a few weeks ago and we did talk about it a bit last episode. Boy oh boy - that...sure was a thing...there's just somethings we need to vent...so...brace thyselves.