Episode #019: "Hero Cake" - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Lets get this out of the way right now...Yeah that other episode was an April Fool's joke - that we served one day cold. :)


This is the ultimate showdown of two of the biggest Superheroes: The Bat of Gotham vs The Last Son of Krypton. If you're a big DC fan, this is something we've been dying to see on the big screen for YEARS, decades even. And what we got - was met with sore criticism and a pretty big backlash. We decided to take it on ourselves to find out how our diverse group of Hosts felt about this movie. Surprisingly there was some sort of concensus here - I KNOW, of all movies.

If there is one thing we urge people to walk away with it is this - go watch the damn movies. Not just this flick, but any movie, and then form your own opinion. Do not form it based on word of mouth or critics because this is art & entertainment and only you can judge how you feel about it. We hope you guys gain some insight about the film from our perspective, maybe a second glance will make it better, maybe it will make it worse. Only one way to find out...