Episode #015: "I Hold the Conch" - Convince Me Series: Man of Steel

ALAS!! We reach an episode that we've been looking forward to for quite a while - Man of Steel. This is a film that divides fans down the lines, you either love it or hate it. It got me thinking of a new format we'd like to try out on the show; we call it "Convince Me".

Take someone who either LOVES or HATES a film and have them come on and lay down the law and show you why a film is either great or dogshit. What would make it even better and raise the stakes is if you had someone who loves this film we're reviewing AND someone who hates it. We are so lucky in that we covered our bases and brought on two people who stand on different ends of the spectrum for this film. Introducing two new Film Geek Guest Stars - Keith and Cory. Between them, Logan and Neil they have a showdown for DC's crown jewel and the first comic book superhero to ever exist - Superman.

Give us your thoughts on the new format and we just may do more!