Episode #016: "Origins" - FilmGeek Interview with Ed Kramer, Pt. I

First we brought to you an episode with a Director, then we brought you an episode with a Stuntman. After that we brought you an episode with an Actor. We here at FilmGeeks are very excited to present a new interview episode with a veteraned VFX Artist & Supervisor, now turned Collegiate Professor - Ed Kramer.

Ed has had an illustrious career in the visual effects industry, spanning over a few decades; from humble beginnings in television all the way to the silver screen, his career has been nothing short of impressive. He has spent 12 of year those exciting years at ILM - sidenote: for those of you that may not be aware ILM is the premier visual effects studio in the world and was started by George Lucas. Feel free to give that studio's history a Google if you need, it will be key to his story.

I did my best to not geek out while talking to him and I need not do it in paragraph form. Instead I will let you all enjoy Part 1 of my time spent with Ed & Tobey!

Ed's Reel: https://vimeo.com/28732832

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