Episode #011: "Black Jackson" - Django Unchained


We are finally back after a much needed holiday siesta.. did you miss us (again)? Well, we missed you and we needed to hit you hard with a film we love and an episode with some quality entertainment, filled with god awful tangents, awkward puns and of course - a dash of racism. This, mon freur, is a brand spankin' new episode that smells like (teen spirit, but also smells like) 2016. The film of choice this week was an easy one because we all could talk about it day and night - Django Unchained. But first - a new friend...

Yes indeed we continue the fabulous tradition of introducing you to more Film Geeks, like ourselves, from Southern California. HOWEVER, Michael Munoz is a unique friend, in that he has his own podcast he runs with Bobby Gonzalez called "The Back Issue". He has more street cred than us, because he (and Bobby!) talk about comic books, films and of course - BEER. Because why not. Please check them out (links below) and give this awesome, awesome new episode a listen.

Django Unchained is one of Tarentino's best films, has superb acting and ...kinda bizarre music choice. You'll find the boys are sort of split on whether they like the musical choices made in this film. It is one of our favorite movies and we hope you like it and this week's episode. Without further adieu..

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