Episode #006: "First Impressions" - Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

It is officially Month of the Force. Star Wars Episode 7 is around the corner and the hype could not be anymore...hypier... (You can quote me on that). But leading up to the films we wanted to revisit the original trilogy and along the way we found out our good friend Steve has never seen any of the movies! Cue TheFilmGeeks Intro sound clip.

This episode marks something we did for the first time; Take someone who has never seen a film and get their pre impressions and first impressions on tape. No better place to start than with STAR WARS. Now a couple of people have expressed they like shorter episodes and so...we will keep it short and sweet..Sort of.

This week we will be dropping TWO episodes for your enjoyment. In efforts to release the Star Wars episodes AND hit Force Awakens in a decent window of time, we're going to give you guys Episode 4 now, Episode 5 on Friday and Episode 6 on Monday. Episode 5 will be a doosie - its loaded with a ton of content, so we will keep this episode rather short. A dicktease if you will. 

A New Hope.jpg