Episode #010: "No More Room in His Braveheart" - Braveheart & FilmGeek Interview with Bryan Price

You didn't forget about us did you...  Don't lie...We will still love you the same...

Happy Holidays everyone, we hope you had a good one! It's been a busy busy year for all of us here at Geek HQ - we have actually taken the week off ourselves. But we were ready for you hungry entertainment seekers that tune in every week!! We saved a pretty special episode for you, that was recorded during Neil's medically induced haze a month back (how fortunate for the listeners!)

But to make up on Neil's slurred dialogue, we welcomed a dear friend and actor Bryan Price to the show! We teased his arrival in previous episodes and we couldn't wait to share his back story, and along the way we find out why he loves Braveheart so much. The film is LONG - so if you wanna watch and listen, set aside half a day or hire a babysitter to watch the kids for a minute because that is quite the Herculean task to take on. We'll be back in full force next week with the whole crew but meanwhile please enjoy the awesome stories from BP himself!