Episode #004: "Blue Collar Beginnings" - Action, Stunts, and FilmGeek Interview with Tim Losee

This episode was our first 1 on 1 episode as we met with a good friend Tim Losee. Tim comes to us with a background in acting and stunt work; we delve into his origin story and then move our way into his favorite genre - Action films. And c'mon who doesn't love action films? We spoke quickly on all the major things that action movies nowadays do a great job in delivering and what good stunt work will always entail, but it still managed to be quite a lengthy episode. Enjoy all!

Yes I am warning you now - (No it's not how many times I said Kids) I was heavily drugged in this episode as I had had my wisdom teeth removed the day prior. But the show must go on.

Brace yourselves... A drugged up Neil is coming.