Episode #003: "Kids" - FilmGeek Interview with Director Brett Simmons

We've done it. We're on the map. We've landed our first interview...and with a director no less!

Director Brett Simmons is a good friend of the show, and someone whom we've had the utmost pleasure of knowing for a few years; he and his wife, Rebecca, graciously allowed us to record an episode with him. We want you all to get to know him as well as we do, so for our first episode with him, naturally, we did what any good superhero story should start with....an origin story. Brett talks about his love and passion for films, storytelling and how he got started in the industry.

But you need not read about the episode. Why not give it a listen instead!

WARNING: I say "Kids" way, way, way too much in this episode. I will shock therapy that word out of my vocabulary but until then, bare with me..