Episode #027: "Environment of Entropy" - Annihilation

WHAT YEAR IS IT!? Insert meme

Hello everyone! Welcome back for yet another year, yet another episode. This one has been A LONG time in the making. We' are back from a little hiatus. We talk about our break in this episode, but this was purely a professional break - we all had life happen. Rest assured, we LOVE doing this podcast. It' is just ridiculousness and pure fun to us so we were destined to come back to it.

In this return episode, Neil insisted to Steve we take a look at Annhilation, the new Netflix/Natalie Portman film that released in 2018. Both originally walked into the movie with NO information (this being the second time for Neil) and knew it’d be a great film to restart our old conversation off of. Forgive us as we shake off the rust and the terrible grammatical habits we have reformed over the break - we will be more efficient going forward!

Enjoy. :)


Episode #026: "MERMAN!" - Cabin in the Woods

Our journey into dark comedies/horror films continue... With another suggestion from Logan and Brett we dove into Cabin in the Woods, and this time we were joined by Tim!

This film is one of the many reasons people go to the movies - to be entertained. We all loved it and had a great conversation about it. Now just a warning, technical issues plague us again! Only I didn't feel the need to edit it, you guys get to experience us at our worst :) Enjoy!


Episode #025: "Panderin' Mandarin" - Convince Me Series: Iron Man 3

We've done it. We were able to spend time and put this episode on tape without anyones head blowing off. Quite the feat!

As you all know, Neil isn't a fan of this movie and we originally intended to just shred this movie apart but alas, at the last moment, we found a champion. Brett came in to the rescue for this film and we turned it into another Convince Me episode!

So, buckle in and get ready. Another Superhero showdown begins.

Episode #024: "Ducker vs. Tale" - Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and Suicide Squad

The classic crew returns to talk about Horror Comedies once again! Our quest to watch horror comedies did stem from the topics of discussions we had in the Ghostbusters episode. We also found out it is a favorite genre for both Logan and Brett so it became quite obvious we needed to hit a few more items on that list. Starting with Tucker and Dale it was a wildly fun movie and it made for a great session. Was it the first time for me? Obviously yes, I once again am the worst Film Geek of all time.

And at the tail end of this episode we had to revists the DC universe once more - Suicide Squad came out a few weeks ago and we did talk about it a bit last episode. Boy oh boy - that...sure was a thing...there's just somethings we need to vent...so...brace thyselves.

Episode #023: "Selfies" - Ghostbusters & BvS Ultimate Edition

Another episode another fanboy affair!

We are rejoined in this episode by Brett and Rebecca as we discuss the new Ghostbusters film and harken back to the original. Now to be fair, we're not comparing them by anymeans but simily looking at what each film did well.

We then break off and discuss something Brett and I have been wanting to do for a while - talk shop on Batman V Superman - The Ultimate Cut. The additional 30 minutes we both felt really added to the film and it reopens conversations (and wounds) regarding the film that leaves a-many-friends divided.

Episode #022: "We Tried" - The Big Lebowski

Well well well...how the turntables....

We're back guys - as we will explain in the intro of this episode we had a few vacations queued up back-to-back between the main hosts, but things are settling back down and we are gearing back up! This week we decided to start out with Keith's favorite movie and a movie that he doesn't need to tear apart & crush my dreams in doing so.

We're talking about The Big Lebowski this episode and surprise surprise - Neil hasn't seen it. Now, a kind heads up - we TRY to be funny and/or entertaining, but this week is extra special. And special not in a good way, we wound up fighting tech issues and in my opinion turned out to be quite humorous in ways we weren't expecting. Enjoy!


Episode #021: "Reinducing Classy Done" - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Okay - as if we haven't done enough to earn the Geek moniker in the website name, now we must be nearing that territory. One of the greatest film trilogies ever made (argue all you like, take a look at the popular votes on IMDB) Lord of the Rings is our focus of attention for the next three weeks. We step very lightly into this film as there is much we cannot spoil for Steve, who is once again enjoying a brand new saga of epic storytelling.

Enjoy part one of our three-parter.

Episode #020: "Photoshop Expert" - Memento

If ever you think you're a hypochondriac, try watching this movie and tell me how you feel 15 minutes after. We got a chance to catch up with a close friend, Michael Coblentz! We tried making this podcast happen a month ago but alas it was just not meant to be but it worked out better the second time around.

The crew watches this film for the first time and we get a healthy dose of Nolan's signature mindfuckery and boy was it worth it. However not everyone walked away a fan of the movie! *Some people didn't even walk away from the podcast, looking at you Logan*

Listen in and tell us how you feel about this classic crime drama...

Episode #019: "Hero Cake" - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Lets get this out of the way right now...Yeah that other episode was an April Fool's joke - that we served one day cold. :)


This is the ultimate showdown of two of the biggest Superheroes: The Bat of Gotham vs The Last Son of Krypton. If you're a big DC fan, this is something we've been dying to see on the big screen for YEARS, decades even. And what we got - was met with sore criticism and a pretty big backlash. We decided to take it on ourselves to find out how our diverse group of Hosts felt about this movie. Surprisingly there was some sort of concensus here - I KNOW, of all movies.

If there is one thing we urge people to walk away with it is this - go watch the damn movies. Not just this flick, but any movie, and then form your own opinion. Do not form it based on word of mouth or critics because this is art & entertainment and only you can judge how you feel about it. We hope you guys gain some insight about the film from our perspective, maybe a second glance will make it better, maybe it will make it worse. Only one way to find out...

Episode #017: "Apple Pie" - Batman Versus Superman

This is the end all be all for Superhero Showdowns. The infamous debate of who would win in a battle, Batman or Superman. This battle has been teased for a couple years by Warner Bros and we have decided to take on the task of figuring out who would truly take the crown.

Ladies and Germs - we have found out who would win! Check it out below and you give us your thoughts.

Episode #016: "Origins" - FilmGeek Interview with Ed Kramer, Pt. I

First we brought to you an episode with a Director, then we brought you an episode with a Stuntman. After that we brought you an episode with an Actor. We here at FilmGeeks are very excited to present a new interview episode with a veteraned VFX Artist & Supervisor, now turned Collegiate Professor - Ed Kramer.

Ed has had an illustrious career in the visual effects industry, spanning over a few decades; from humble beginnings in television all the way to the silver screen, his career has been nothing short of impressive. He has spent 12 of year those exciting years at ILM - sidenote: for those of you that may not be aware ILM is the premier visual effects studio in the world and was started by George Lucas. Feel free to give that studio's history a Google if you need, it will be key to his story.

I did my best to not geek out while talking to him and I need not do it in paragraph form. Instead I will let you all enjoy Part 1 of my time spent with Ed & Tobey!

Ed's Reel: https://vimeo.com/28732832

UPDATE: Added RSS feed - now it should show up on your podcast feeds!

Episode #015: "I Hold the Conch" - Convince Me Series: Man of Steel

ALAS!! We reach an episode that we've been looking forward to for quite a while - Man of Steel. This is a film that divides fans down the lines, you either love it or hate it. It got me thinking of a new format we'd like to try out on the show; we call it "Convince Me".

Take someone who either LOVES or HATES a film and have them come on and lay down the law and show you why a film is either great or dogshit. What would make it even better and raise the stakes is if you had someone who loves this film we're reviewing AND someone who hates it. We are so lucky in that we covered our bases and brought on two people who stand on different ends of the spectrum for this film. Introducing two new Film Geek Guest Stars - Keith and Cory. Between them, Logan and Neil they have a showdown for DC's crown jewel and the first comic book superhero to ever exist - Superman.

Give us your thoughts on the new format and we just may do more!

Episode #014: "RushHur" - Fight Club

It's hard to talk about an episode.....that you're not allowed to talk about..

See what I did there. Boom - mind blowing humor. But we are back and we got another great episode with another special guest and a ton of us trying to remember what scene came next. Jokes aside Fight Club has got to be one of the best films I've personally seen and was pretty stoked we got the first impression of it on record.

Our number 1 fan Anthony made it down from Northern California and we took the opportunity with the time we had with him to record an episode of his favorite movie. We hope you like! Our schedule will be returning to normal after this week. :)

Episode #013: "The Junkyard" - The Iron Giant

Sliding in this week - a new episode!

Our first animated feature we cover, and rightfully so, The Iron Giant is a cult classic. At Logan's request we felt this film was too good not to cover sooner than later. This episode's first time viewer is once again - STEVE! The lovable Hogarth to Logan's Giant... I don't know what that means, but what a lovely duo they make. We almost run the length of the film in this one as we stuck on the breakdown for a bit longer than we would've liked but its worth the payoff of a small discovery we made at the end of the episode. Hope you guys enjoy! Give us your feedback and reviews if possible!

Episode #012: "Rhythmic Ceremonial Ritual" - Back to the Future Part I

We're going old school for this episode with a favorite amongst most film aficionados - Back to the Future! Tim has come back (Injury free) for another episode and sheds some light and serious knowledge on the film. Add in a dose of Logan and hilarity WILL ensue. Please enjoy the episode and check out the Buster Keaton stunt below that we talk about at the end of the episode.

Back to the Future.jpg

The most dangerous stunt ever performed. This is the clip we reference in the episode about Buster Keaton - since he performed it himself and if he missed his mark, he would've died.

Episode #011: "Black Jackson" - Django Unchained


We are finally back after a much needed holiday siesta.. did you miss us (again)? Well, we missed you and we needed to hit you hard with a film we love and an episode with some quality entertainment, filled with god awful tangents, awkward puns and of course - a dash of racism. This, mon freur, is a brand spankin' new episode that smells like (teen spirit, but also smells like) 2016. The film of choice this week was an easy one because we all could talk about it day and night - Django Unchained. But first - a new friend...

Yes indeed we continue the fabulous tradition of introducing you to more Film Geeks, like ourselves, from Southern California. HOWEVER, Michael Munoz is a unique friend, in that he has his own podcast he runs with Bobby Gonzalez called "The Back Issue". He has more street cred than us, because he (and Bobby!) talk about comic books, films and of course - BEER. Because why not. Please check them out (links below) and give this awesome, awesome new episode a listen.

Django Unchained is one of Tarentino's best films, has superb acting and ...kinda bizarre music choice. You'll find the boys are sort of split on whether they like the musical choices made in this film. It is one of our favorite movies and we hope you like it and this week's episode. Without further adieu..

Visit Michael and Bobby here: http://www.thebackissuepodcast.com/

Or connect on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/thebackissuepod

Episode #010: "No More Room in His Braveheart" - Braveheart & FilmGeek Interview with Bryan Price

You didn't forget about us did you...  Don't lie...We will still love you the same...

Happy Holidays everyone, we hope you had a good one! It's been a busy busy year for all of us here at Geek HQ - we have actually taken the week off ourselves. But we were ready for you hungry entertainment seekers that tune in every week!! We saved a pretty special episode for you, that was recorded during Neil's medically induced haze a month back (how fortunate for the listeners!)

But to make up on Neil's slurred dialogue, we welcomed a dear friend and actor Bryan Price to the show! We teased his arrival in previous episodes and we couldn't wait to share his back story, and along the way we find out why he loves Braveheart so much. The film is LONG - so if you wanna watch and listen, set aside half a day or hire a babysitter to watch the kids for a minute because that is quite the Herculean task to take on. We'll be back in full force next week with the whole crew but meanwhile please enjoy the awesome stories from BP himself!

Episode #009: "Sorry Prodik" - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Part 4 of our epic Month of the Force journey! The new Star Wars film is finally upon us and after viewing it twice and some for the first time, we got the gang together to get everyones thoughts. We were sans Steve this time but there will be a future miniepisode to get us caught up with him, meanwhile please enjoy the conversation, conspiracies and theories with Logan and Akshay!